Sunday, December 9, 2007

About Me and My Blog

Elaine Tang
BSc (HH)Holistic Nutrition
Emotional Iridology, Iridoloyg Level 1-3
Malaysian Iridology Practitioners Asso

Elaine Tang owns Roxy Matrix Enterprise. Her commitment is to share/educate and empower individuals to take care of their health and well being. Her services consist of iridology as an analysis tool, bowel management with deep tissue cleansing program called Colema, nutrition education, personalized wellness & holistic nutrition coaching.
Elaine’s personal experience of:- her relatives (4 of them) wrongly diagnosed and treated by doctors and finally died of cancer of the pancreas; both her parents invalidated by stroke for more than 10 years before passing on, inspired her to explore the causes of diseases. She came across the art of Iridology in 1995 and made a search for such studies. In 2001 she pursued a BSc degree studies in Holistic Nutrition with CCNH, and simultaneously a Diploma in Master of Iridology and Bowel Management. In the process of her studies, she developed a passion to share and help people how to reduce the risks of diseases, stay healthy & fit to live a created life.


shirley1 said...

Hi Elaine,
Wow!very impressive.U made me wana fix an appointment 2cu.

richard said...

Wow! Very impressive profile!
Nice picture! You seem to put on a little bit of weight since last year!Got to see you soon!!!