Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking Control Of How You Age

In this fast paced world, everyone seems to be ‘busy’, having ‘no time or not enough time’ to do the things they wanted to do in a day. In such a scenario, is it a wonder that everyone is attracted to or only interested in quick fixes to almost every problem one faces, more so when health issues concerned.

Despite all the progress and discoveries made, there are more and more chronic and even new chronic diseases – due to stress from all aspects of life. Stress, a silent killer, produces the most free radicals in the body.

Many scientists and physicians has authored books on Antioxidants. You may like to read James F Balch’s The Super Antioxidant; Richard A Passwater’s The Antioxidants; and Lester Packer’s The Antioxidant Miracle, has documented his research concerning the amazing benefits of antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, and free radicals, which he describes as both enemy and friend. Research had indicated the right combination of these compounds can enhance the quality of our lives by keeping ourselves mentally sharp, our body young and joints supple.

While some antioxidants are produced in our body, others are found abundantly in plants. Click below and hear from experienced researchers Dr Alex Schauss and Dr Lou Niles on their findings in their latest research and clinic studies :-

Dr Lou Niles On The Process of Aging & Getting Cancer

Supplements are still a necessity because it is absolutely impossible to get all the required nutrients from our modern diet. Each person's requirement is different depending on one's age, current health condition, daily activities and lifestyle.

There are many brands and types of supplements in various forms in the market. As a lay person, buying supplements can be a confusing issue, not knowing which product is reliable or suitable for your requirements.

When you have doubts, go consult your trusted health practitioner (not a consultant who do not practise) who genuinely have an interest in your well being before anything else; someone who is willing to monitor and guide you along step by step.

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