Sunday, December 30, 2007

How To Eat To Your God-Given Weight & Physique

How you wish you could eat what you like without having to worry about your weight, any outburst of allergies, insomnia, burping, etc… anything relating to health and well-being issues.

How you wish you could eat anything and yet have a figure of those fashion models or celebrities who can dress up in everything that are “in” fashion which you love and like for each season instead of just watching, envying, window shopping, being resigned, getting older each year and still wishing upon your star.

Well, let me whisper something to you … "I was there before."

Everybody wants to look good. Unfortunately, not everybody really, really wants to be healthy. "What do you mean?" you may ask. If you look carefully, you may recall saying phrases like :

“I want, I wish, I like to BUT…”
“I know BUT .. .”

Consider that when you have such conversations, most of the time you do not want and unwilling to do what it takes to Be what you want to Be.

The following questions, act as stimulators, will help you to see where you are now and what you can do make your first step towards health and wellness in your life. Remember, its your body and your life. Only you are responsible and accountable for it, no one else does.
  • Are you ready to be responsible for your own well-being, your body and your life?
  • Are you willing to face up to your current condition? No matter what your condition is now, are you willing to love and accept your body and yourself?
  • Are you willing to let go of past experience or attempts that did not work and be willing to choose to head towards the direction of health and wellness?
  • Are you willing to commit yourself to be educated, be open and give up preconceived notions and erroneous behaviour about what health is about?
  • Are you willing to move on, and ready to take actions that works and stay with it for at least 6-12 months?

When you can say “yes” all the way, I congratulate you! I acknowledge your being courageous. You truly value and love yourself, and your life. You are now ready to move on to experience how effortless it is to be on the path to health and wellness and be free to eat anything you want. Ladies, you can have the HOTTEST body on planet earth. All of us will age, but you have a choice to age with ease & grace, joy and fulfillment !!!!

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