Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why Do Chronic Diseases Happen To Children? (final part)

Possibility No:4

Poor eating habits & poor choices of food:

If you care to look deeply, many illnesses are brought about by our very own doing. Unconsciously you had your kids follow your kind of eating habits and lifestyle, and they would follow their parents’ examples innocently.

a) High consumption of refined and processed foods:

In the prevailing rat race lifestyle, most people take the convenience to go for fast foods which are easily available. When we run out of time, the only thought is to ‘fill up the stomach’ and not ‘what is nutritious’ for my body.

b) Lack discipline:

Parents give in easily to children’s “wants” instead of “needs”. Children’s wants normally are not the natural foods of fruits & vegetables but high sugar contents and ‘junk’ foods.

c) Unhealthy environment & lifestyle:

Pollution is everywhere. In our food, water, air, outside and inside our own home. I like to include the people around you and you mix with has an influence and on you, your children and family that leads to chronic illnesses.

Many has the ‘wrong’ belief that there is nothing you can do about your inherent weaknesses. The good news is - there is always something you can to do about it – when you are ready for it.

The best and wise thing to do is to stop doing and eating things that could further deteriorate your weak areas (be it your kidney, heart, stomach) immediately, and take effective actions and precautions that could support them and strengthen other normal parts of your body instead.

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