Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Do Chronic Dis-eases Happen To Children? (Part 2) ....cont'd

Possibility No:3
Inherent weaknesses/Genetic cause:

Inherent weaknesses are congenital abnormalities, inherited from the parents, grandparents and/or even possibly from the grandparents, due to their poor living habits. We never know how exactly our genes work and how far they would trickle down to the next or next next generation.

The point is, these weaknesses of the parents were not identified, treated or taken care of well before they conceive children.

Now, obviously, knowledge of any inherent weaknesses and strengths in you would be an advantage to you and your health professional. Why? Because your health professional could be in a position to help/support you in planning a program to achieve optimum health - to strengthen the weaker organs and body parts to have your body function well..

You know what? The fastest (in 10-15 minutes) and non invasive method to check your overall health status is the science of Iridology.

Iridology gives an overall view of the all inherent weaknesses in the body and enable you to create an effective plan for nutritional support, health adjustment and enhancement of these areas.

Iridology is a long proven science of more than 300 yrs old. It can quickly determine where the primary or root cause exits, and it reveals the way in which the original cause would lead to secondary symptoms. It provides a picture of inner workings of the whole body.

Apart from these benefits, it can monitor your recovery process and quickly tell whether the therapy or program you are on is working effectively for you or not by way of healing signs which can be seen from your irides. This is one of the many benefits which other form of diagnostic tools do not have.

For your benefit of your wellbeing and wellness, I would highly recommend you to click here and take action and have your iris analyzed as soon as possible -- especially those of you who are planning to start a family.

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