Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why Do Chronic Dis-eases Happen To Children? (Part 2).. cont'd

Possibility No: 2
Use of chemicals in toiletries and cosmetics:

Msnbc recently reported that Phthalates (chemicals used to stabilize fragrances and plastic's flexibility) are found in baby's toiletries, lotions, toys and cosmetics. It said that urine of babies who had used these products, contains high levels of phthalates. These chemicals, which can be absorbed through the skin, are linked with possible reproductive problems.

There are numerous studies and reports made on harmful ingredients found in personal care products (such as toothpaste, bath gel, shampoo, sunblock) and cosmetics in the market globally.

Elizabeth Sword, Executive Director of the Children's Health Environment Coalition, says:

“People blindly assume that if a product is on the market, it must be OK, or the government would not have allowed it to be sold.”

These toxic ingredients are found to be carcinogenic, damaging the body cells' genetic code and altering the DNA chain.

Dr. Cole Woolley, a chemist from Neways Inc. says:

“This growing mass of non functional cells can turn cancerous… As this mass grows, it crowds and affects the activity of other cells and organs, causing pain, symptomatic problems and even death.”

So if you are serious about your own health & wellness as well as your children's, do check labels and go for products that contain non harmful ingredients when you go on your next shopping trip. Remember, the life this action may save - could be yours and/or your family's.

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