Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eat Anything You Like Without Any Worries ……

You know how you wish you could eat anything and everything you like without having to worry about your weight, your well being, health, etc…, right?

Well, help is here now!

Everyone wants to be healthy of course. But do you recall conversations such as “I want , i wish ... but …..” Ah ha! Do we hear the “ya buts” often? Why? Because most of the time, you do not know what exactly you want to BE, DO or HAVE. That is the whole problem !!

Actually it is very simple. Ask yourself : do I want a to live a life healthily?
If “No”, you may choose to stop here. If it is a “Yes”, you may read on.

Congratulate yourself for choosing “yes” to a healthy life. Now, we shall move on and let us see what else could open up for you !! Below are a few key questions that could help you distinguish why your health condition and/or your life is the way it is and why it is not, and also why you had your “ya buts” answers in your life. Whatever it is, you now get to see why things are not working for you, and at the end you may get to experience a sense of Power and Freedom to BE who you want to BE.

Please go through each question and give either a “yes” or “no” answer, following the sequence

  • Are you willing to be responsible for your own well being, your body and your life
  • Are you willing to face the truth of your current state of health and wellbeing. Whichever health level you are now, are you willing to love and accept yourself
  • Are you still wiling to choose the path toward wellness/health, and let go of those past attempts / experience which did not work on you.?
  • Are you ready to commit yourself to be educated, open for change, give up erroneous preconceived notions and behavior about health ?
  • Are you willing to move on, ready to take actions and stay with it for at least 6 months?

If your answers to the above are all “YES”, congratulations to you. You are now ready to move on and prepare to experience the journey toward health and wellness with ease and grace. Are you ready?

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