Saturday, January 26, 2008

Secrets Reveal Through Your Eyes

Through the ages, the eye has been proclaimed as “the mirror of the soul”. Now it is acknowledged as the “window to the body.”

So, it is a wonder that :
  • Your eyes can tell what is going on inside your body?
  • Your eyes hold the secrets of many things that are unexplained in healing arts?
  • Your eyes can reveal your state of health, lifestyle and how you are handling your life?
How is this possible?

Physiologically, the eye is an extension of the brain. The iris, consists of thousands of nerve endings is connected by nerve impulses to every tissues and organs throughout the body through the brain and nervous system. The nerve fibers in the iris respond specifically to tissue and organ conditions with a corresponding reflex shown in the iris as lesions and color variations.

Welcome to the World and Science Of Iridology.....

Iridology (pronounced eye-ri-dol'-ogy) is the science and art of analyzing one of the most complexed tissue structures of the whole body - the iris.

Iridology is not a newfound science. It has a history of more than 300 years old. Physicians, scientists and researchers has made numerous empirical observations and clinical studies which had convergingly revealed that potential inherited genetic weaknesses and some dysfunctional states in your body are manifested by different markings and color textures within the iris.

All these years of clinical observations, intensive research and studies has resulted the iris chart, liken a map that represents basic placement of bodily tissues and organs and provides detailed observation of reliable and valuable data in an iris analysis.

The iris can be considered the master copy of how you are designed. It reveals how well your body can handle stress, areas your body that may develop illness, and how emotions can impact your health

From the wellness point of view, it is an useful preventive healthcare tool such that abnormal conditions in the body can be detected early, giving time for remedial actions and adjustments.

Iridology helps you understand your body in a whole new way. This knowledge enables you to approach your health challenges proactively, and to develop health-building practices specifically to your needs and requirements.

Compared to other testing procedures, Iridology is:

• Simple, reliable & accurate
• Safe and painless (no radiation, no needles)
• Informative & comprehensive
• A Cost-effective method to view the whole body
• Can be used in conjunction with other systems of diagnosis

How can Iridology Help You & Its Benefits .......

This will be in my next posting.

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