Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How Can Iridology Benefit You?

Usually, before anyone takes on something, it is very normal to ask “What’s in for me?”

From my last posting, you would have some understanding of what Iridology is all about and/or have an overall picture of what it can do.

Iridology is truly a science, an orderly science based on certain principles. I provide here an initial four of its several principles which you will notice the benefits and the advantages iridology has over other forms of analysis. As I mentioned earlier, Iridology can work in conjunction with other methods of test and diagnosis.

1. Identify inflammation:

Iridology reveals the exact location and presence of inflammation in the body. Inflammation (presence of irritants/foreign elements in the body) is the earliest stage of illnesses, whereby the body’s immune system and eliminative channels are weakened and cannot cope with its normal functions. Your health could further deteriorate if not treated. Irritants are caused by poor diets, chemicals exposure, built-up of wastes, emotional stress, medication, fatigue, lack of exercise, etc

2. Healing signs:

Iridology gives a reliable and quick confirmation on the effectiveness of treatment used. When a choice of therapy is working, healing lines can be seen in the iris. Iridology can tell when healing crisis is approaching. No other analytic methods can determine whether body is making the right changes during and after a course of therapy. You can evaluate and monitor your recovery process

3. Bilateral organs/glands:

Your body has a number of organs, glands and limbs bilaterally and symmetrically designed. Examples are kidneys, lungs, thyroid and adrenal glands, brain (left/right hemisphere), testes. Each iris (left and right) shows tissue conditions on its own side and Iridology easily distinguishes either one or both of these organs/glands has signs of pathology, and at which stage of manifestation.

In a case for example, a person has one side of her thyroid overactive and the other side underactive. With conventional laboratory tests, this exact problem will not be diagnosed but instead averaged the functions of the 2 sides -- giving a result as “normal”. Iridology is able to separately evaluate the condition of bilateral glands or organs easily and distinctively.

4. Overall health level:

Within 10 minutes, iridology can determine the overall health level of a person from the markings and patterns of both iris. An experienced iridologist can tell if there is any congestion in any part of the body systems, nerve force condition, exact location of weaknesses in any organs, the person’s diet, lifestyle and attitudes in relation to health. This saves you a lot of time, energy and (maybe pain) further costly tests, e.g a kidney problem, further tests are needed to determine whether one or both kidneys are affected.

Do You Or Have You Ever Experience The Following?

  • a weak immune system
  • frequent infections
  • headaches
  • bowel problems, constipation
  • digestion problems, bloating, sluggish
  • allergies; sinus
  • skin problems
  • weight problems
  • hormonal imbalance
  • nervous exhaustion, insomnia
  • fatigue, stress

If you answered YES to any of the above, it's time for you to have your irides analyzed.

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