Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Do Chronic Diseases Happen To Children?

High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, infertility, psoriasis are common medical names and symptoms you have heard these days. These are so rampant in our current hectic modern living that every 5 people (aged 45 and above) you meet, 3 would have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or poor blood circulation.

Gone are the days when these common medical names are applied only to adults and aged people because it was thought that these can only happen to this group of people.

Reality check - these chronic health conditions are already affecting young children now! Yes, your children! In my practice of Iridology, I have seen irises of children, aged between 7-10, revealing patterns and signs similar to those of older adults, and it is getting rampant!

If you are still holding on to the erroneous belief that these dis-eases can only happen to older adults and the aged, it is time to wake up. It is time to get real to the fact that this cultural norm (blindly accepted fact) is the context of your life and had you taken many things for granted, and had you not responsible for your own health and well being, and your family’s too.

About 10 years ago, my nephew had some mysterious growth in his spinal cord that had him paralyzed. The doctors had no clue as to the cause of it and named it cancer. He was operated on but died a year later. He was only 15.

The number of children suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, ADD, autism, skin problems, cancer, has doubled if not tripled during the last 10 years according to many international surveys.

When one of your children suffer from any one of these dis-eases, you as parents suffer too. Do you want to know the root cause of it all?

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