Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wellness: A Holistic Approach (Part II)

This is Part II of Wellness: A Holistic Approach article. If you have not read it, please click here.

The Wellness Wheel has 12 parts. Each part represents an area of your life of the whole (your personal energy system) called wellness. These 12 parts offer an integrated overall picture of human life functions, as various forms of energy that would affect your sense of well being and health.

Rate each part on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest level which needs immediate attention and 5 being at optimal level. Now chart your Wellness Wheel. Which spoke rate the lowest? Can your wheel roll? Are you happy with your results?

People with 4-5s are the ones living life happily in general, facing the direction of wellness and life. On the other hand, those who have lots of 1s or 2s are normally lack confidence. The shortest spokes are the areas you have neglected recently. You may want to find a confidante or seek professional support to attend to certain area(s) of your life. From this exercise, you can see which area you need to work on first.

Do not be unduly worried if your wheel has more short spokes now. The good news is: the wellness wheel is an ever changing guide. It changes each time depending on what you are dealing with in your life at the time you are doing the exercise. You may like to develop your personal wellness journal to chart your progress. The harmonious balancing of the 12 life functions leads to good health and well-being.

To have you a better understanding of the exercise and Wellness Energy System, I strongly recommend you the book by Dr. John W Travis which you would find it beneficial to own and use it periodically to chart your wellness journey.

There is no short cut and quick fix to wellness. By taking charge of your own well being and start taking relevant actions, you could delay aging, prevent loss of bodily functions and have a fit and healthy body. You are up to living a created life – the kind of life of your very own design! Wellness is truly a Way of Life.

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